Born and Bred to Build a Better Ocean Hill-Brownsville

“What would happen if we all got into a room?”  This question was a recurring thought for Chanel Haliburton, the founder, as she met and interacted with young professionals in the neighborhood that were not involved in their community.  Deciding to see what would happen, she invited young professionals from Ocean Hill-Brownsville to join her to brainstorm on how the issues of the neighborhood could be impacted with their involvement and engagement.  That was in 2010.

Since the initial meetings, CYP has incorporated and formalized its goals and methodologies.  A membership based organization comprised of young professionals in education, social services, the political arena and other fields, CYP aims to leverage its membership as a volunteer corp and partner with organizations in need of the skills that its members possess.  In addition, CYP is a support group for its members, providing a network of skilled professionals with resources and connections to help in personal and professional growth.

To improve Ocean Hill-Brownsville by using our professional resources to make the community a viable place to live, work and socialize through:

  • Partnerships with existing organizations working within the community
  • Professional, personal, community development and
  • Philanthropy

We seek to improve socio-economic status of Ocean Hill-Brownsville by designing, implementing and supporting programs that will educate community residents in economics, health, education, youth development and the environment.